$525.00/pp First Class Balloon Tour

Why We Love This

  • This is a first class tour. Our balloon port is owned and managed by a senior American airline captain and our aircraft are piloted by highly experienced FAA Certifed Commercial Pilots with First Class Medical Certificates. This is the same certificate required to pilot a Boeing 777 passenger jet. Your pilot has been flying balloons for 37 years with no accidents or incidents. We are PROFESSIONALS highly regarded in the industry as THE BEST.
  • Upgrades include more flight time, premium Taittinger FRENCH Champagne served in leaded crystal flutes, breakfast and the option of our $175.00 upgraded 7 minute Complimentary movie of your flight professionally produced using mulitple cameras! ONE next to the basket when you lift off, ONE wide angle in flight, ONE drone mounted. A WORLD FIRST only with Balloon America! Also includes pre and post flight interviews.
  • Use of our private gazebo next to a duck pond for your friends and family to gather and celebrate your special event post flight. Also included is a one day full membership to our club including pool, hot tub, tennis, driving range, fitness classes, weights. Get an optional hot stone massage after your flight!

Balloon America

This is a first class tour and private for your group from 2 to 10, no other passengers are allowed. This is the perfect flight for that special occasion in your life - birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or holiday events! This is a first class tour for up to 10 passengers and includes many upgrades over our non private group tour. Options available include an in-flight or post flight wedding ceremony performed by an ordained minister. Live music. Full food and beverage service in our dining room or outdoor patio. A horse drawn carriage. Professional photographer. Custom cakes and floral arrangements. Our $175.00 Upgraded drone movie. Gift Certificates are available! See Insider Tips in the details section for full package description and benefits.

Insider Tips

Cell phones are allowed on board but must be turned off or in airplane mode. You may not place or accept calls, text messages, etc. while in flight in order to be in compliance with FAA regulations. You make take selfies/pictures HOWEVER YOU MAY NOT EXTEND YOUR CELL PHONE BEYOND THE VERTICAL PERIMETER OF THE BASKET IN ORDER TO GET THAT "PERFECT" SHOT! If you were to drop your cell phone from several thousand feet above ground it will reach speeds in excess of 200 mph in free fall - with potentially devastating consequences impacting people or objects on the ground. This rule will be STRICTLY ENFORCED during flight by the Pilot In Command.

Insider Tips

With this package, you'll receive: (1) Your balloon piloted by an FAA Certified Commercial pilot with 37 years of accident and incident free experience. (2) Exclusive authentic Taittinger French Champagne toast (not inferior cheap domstic sparkling wine like our competitors) post flight in leaded crystal flutes next to our duck pond. (3) A full breakfast of your choosing served post flight. (4) One hour to One hour and fifteen minutes in flight, about 3 hours total from arrival at our launch site to return. ALL flight times are approximate. (5) The basket is private for your group from 2 to 10. (6) Our optional $175.00 upgraded 7 minute professionally produced drone movie taken while you fly is avaiable! This video is edited then posted on You Tube with titles and music for you to share with friends and family. This is an exclusive ONLY with Balloon America! Includes pre and post flight interviews. (7) Exclusive on site password protected access to the Sky Island Eco Tour. Travel 7000 vertical feet skyward and 64 miles on an American Scenic Byway. This self-guided audio visual driving tour starts 5 minutes away from our balloon port - although you can take it any time during your stay in Tucson. This highly curated tour takes place on the General Hitchcock national scenic byway - with some of the most awe inspiring scenery in the world. You'll climb almost 7,000 vertical feet to the top of the Santa Catalina mountain range. Highly educational, this tour includes: * Stories about discoveries made by UA scientists here in the Santa Catalina Mountains. * Graphic slide-shows that help interpret what you see on the trip up the Catalina Mountains. * Animated videos that explain complex science in an easy-to-understand way. * Music by the band Calexico, and narrated by Calexico front-man Joey Burns

Meeting Location

Our balloon port is owned and managed by an American airline captain. Balloon America flies exclusively from La Mariposa Resort, 1501 North Houghton Road, Tucson, Arizona 85749. La Mariposa is located on the west side of Houghton Road 1/2 mile north of Speedway Blvd. and 1/2 mile south of Tanque Verde Rd. Look for the TWO LARGE STONE MONUMENTS that mark the entrance just a few yards west of Houghton Rd. The name of the street you will be turning west on is E Corte Vista La Mariposa. Follow it past the main building to the south end of the paved parking lot across from the tennis courts. Park there. We take off from the large polo field to the west.

What Should I Bring

We don't have room on board for purses, camera bags, back packs, etc. and you will not be allowed to bring them. No food or beverage is allowed on board except SMALL plastic bottles of water. Most of our passengers show up seriously overdressed for the flight with multiple layers of heavy clothes anticipating frigid, arctic conditions. You won't need them! The only chilly part of your morning is while the balloon is inflated in a defined layer of cold air (known as an inversion) that is approximately 200 feet deep. Once we ascend above this layer it is typically TWENTY DEGREES WARMER. Plus you are moving with the wind so there is no wind chill factor AND you have all that nice hot air above you to keep you comfortable! We do not allow any scarves, neckties, open toed shoes or selfie sticks. We recommend wearing a cap with a brim like a baseball cap, sun hat, etc. and sunglasses. Please review our website FAQ section FIRST for many frequently asked questions instead of calling us. Most of your questions have already been answered there in detail: http://www.balloonridesusa.com/faqs.html

When To Arrive

Please arrive at your assigned time. Please limit coffee consumption prior to your flight to one small cup and seriously consider using the bathrooms located in the main building locker rooms upon arrival. We don't have facilities on board hot air balloons! Yet.


Please park at the south end of the paved parking lot upon arrival - we fly from the polo field next to it. DO NOT check in with anyone at the front desk of the club - we are not affiliated with them and they do not have information on our activities on the property.

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations and Transfers: When you make a reservation, we block space for you on an exclusive, definite basis, remove it from inventory, and often must turn away other paying passengers who would like to go on the same flight you have reserved. We guarantee that space will be available for you that morning. We do not take tentative or speculative reservations, overbook our flights, or have standby status. No refunds once booked. If we are forced to cancel a reservation due to wind or weather conditions we will issue a full refund MINUS a 4% credit card fee. This is an upfront expense which we cannot recover or have reversed regardless of reason.

What If It Rains?

We FREQUENTLY have passengers advise us many days in advance of a flight that in their opinion the weather is not going to be suitable for flying. With the advent of instant information everyone is now an "expert" at predicting suitable weather for flying hot air balloons. If you get your information from Weather.com, Accueweather.com, Weatherunderground.com or any other commercial weather service they are FREQUENTLY WRONG, ESPECIALLY WHEN FORECASTING MORE THAN 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE! As professional FAA Certified Commercial Pilots we undergo extensive training and education in meteorology and weather related issues. We are EXPERTS at forecasting local weather and have access to comprehensive private data streams far beyond the pablum that is available to the general public. If we have to cancel a flight due to weather we will notify you very early the morning of the flight BY TEXT MESSAGE ONLY - usually before you get out of bed. We WILL NOT CANCEL A FLIGHT THE NIGHT BEFORE since we don't have up to date information available to make an informed decision. If we cancel a flight due to weather we will either refund you in full or - if you prefer - re-book you for a future date. Please see our website for a detailed description regarding our cancellation policies: http://www.balloonridesusa.com/reservations.html

"Wonderful experience"

September 27, 2019 - 

Personable, exciting, a wonderful experience


May 6, 2019 - 

superb crew with excellent execution and a wonderful experience

"Fabulous! Capt. Ron and his team were outstanding "

May 5, 2019 - 

Our experience was excellent today! Weather was spectacular and Capt. Ron and his team showed us why this will be an experience our family will never forget! His skill and care came through in spades. While he’d never admit this his landing and pilot skills were surgical. Well done, Captain Ron!

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